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By setting aside just one hour a day, participants can complete the Diploma in 3 months.

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The UK's No.1 Events Training Provider

Events training in in planning, delivery and operations

The Event Management Diploma by the Event Crowd is the industry's leading choice to educate and upskill professionals seeking to gain a high quality, practical and up-to-date events education.

Module 1 - Foundations
Event Foundations | The Industry | Professional Wellbeing | Social & Political Impact | Diversity
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Module 2 - Planning
Event Safety | Multi Agency Planning | Event Management Plans | Sustainability | Incident Response | Crisis Management
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Module 3 - Marketing
Branding | Event Websites | Digital Visibility | Public Relations | Content Marketing | Social Media
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Module 4 - Delivering
Making Sales | Commercial & Stakeholders | Venues & Suppliers | Projects & Budgets | Creating Experiences | Immersive Experiences
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The Industry's Best Events Training

The events industry is the core reason why we do what we do. The innovation, passion and relentlessness shown over the past decades has inspired so many to exceed expectations, create top events and continue on the legacy that event professionals hold. 

Connecting businesses to carve a thriving future for events.

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We’ll use your details to send our brochure directly to you.

We’ll use your details to send our brochure directly to you.