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Samantha PagettSamantha Pagett

Hi! My name’s Sam and I have just signed up for this course. I am a manager for a small festival called Wizzafest, we have had a break for the last 3 years but are now begging preparations for 2024 (looking for passionate volunteers if anyone’s interested)! Wizzafest is a 4-day charity event that raises money for cancer charities and welcomes around 2000 people. I also own my own content writing agency, which allows me to travel anywhere in the world. However, I am at a stage in my life where I am ready to settle down and stop moving around so much. Events are my passion, and I am ready to pursue what I really love doing. I am excited to get going on this course and begin expanding my knowledge and skills (and to put everything I learn into growing Wizzafest!) I also teach hula-hooping and my dream is to run a hula-hoop retreat one day.

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