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    Jamie WalkerJamie Walker

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know if we can download the slides which are in each session? It would be really handy to have these to print, so I can make notes and read through them again?


    Hailey GoldingProgramme Leader

    Hi Jamie – Slides are not available to download at this point.

    Andrew JukesAndrew Jukes

    I would very constructivley concur with Jamie….. The dialogue,slides and text should be downloadale in text format.
    I have spent 3 hours this week just listening stopping / pausing video to write it out..Thats time i’m not learning.I’m still on the first video–Love the videos but they need slides adsolutely.Andrew

    Hannah BuckleyHannah Buckley

    Good morning both,

    It is Hannah here from Event Crowd. Thank you for your message.

    We are aware of multiple requests for downloadable slides of course content, our team are currently investigating ways we can make this possible as we understand for note-taking this will be a real benefit.

    Please bare with us whilst we work towards a solution, as this is not something we can currently do, however we are looking at ways to make this happen to benefit our students.

    As soon as I have an update, I will be in touch.

    Kind Regards,
    Hannah – The Event Crowd

    Andrew JukesAndrew Jukes

    I will probably not start the course until they are available as the time to write out notes is time I don’t have .
    The presenter in the video speaks very quickly and spent three hours start stopping a video …… this is time that should be spent learning and developing knowledge.Downloads are essential for a course like this.
    Thanks Andrew

    Eleanor SandersonEleanor Sanderson

    I would like to say that the fact there are no downloads/transcripts available does make complete sense.
    For a course that is fully online I’m sure its a concern that the entire course could be downloadable and passed onto another potential learner free of charge.

    I think it’s still more beneficial to have the videos rather than an in person lecture and be able to stop/start the speaker. You would miss so much if you just downloaded the slides as there’s much more information being added by the speaker.

    As someone working full time whilst also doing this course, it is a big commitment but there’s really no point waiting for the slides/transcripts as you don’t know when they’ll be available. You might as well have a slow start than no start at all!

    Thank You

    Andrew JukesAndrew Jukes

    The slides are available now …
    I can’t justify three hours to transcribe all the dialogue.
    I agree there’s a lot more information in the videos but the downloads are welcome and are a necessity in my view !
    I will get started now and optimise my time learning not transcribing !!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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