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The Engagement & Events Team Manager is part of Barry Town Council’s Strategic Leadership Team and plays a key role in supporting the Council to build strong, vibrant and sustainable communities within Barry and is responsible (under the direction of the Chief Officer) for the Council’s external communications, events and marketing campaigns. The Officer will be responsible for the Engagement and Events Team who assist the Town Council to achieve its strategic aims, particularly contributing to A Resilient Barry, A Barry of Cohesive Communities and A More Equal Barry.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Community Development and Engagement

  • To work with communities in Barry to ascertain needs and priorities.
  • To work with elected members, other staff, organisations and individuals within communities to bring forward projects that will bring tangible benefits to those communities.
  • To apply Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approaches to implement community initiatives as directed by Barry Town Council
  • To enable community groups to play an active role in the regeneration of their areas and raise capacity within communities
  • To implement and review BTC’s Community Engagement Strategy to support and encourage local residents to actively participate in their local community.
  • To support Barry Town Council to deliver its Corporate Plan with attention to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act
  • To engage with others to seek funding for projects/initiatives which meet the Council’s 7 Wellbeing Goals for Barry.
  • To be aware of, advise and assist groups in accessing external funding sources.
  • To work closely with service providers to ensure that communities within the Council’s area receive the best services possible, to highlight any service deficiencies or inequalities and to ensure they are effectively resolved.
  • To liaise with other Councils and organisations and establish good working relationships with essential contact personnel in these organisations.
  • To research and prepare reports on relevant issues and attend and report to the Council and its relevant Committees or other meetings as appropriate.
  • To represent the Town Council and the Chief Officer at such Committees or other meetings (internal or external) as directed including Fairtrade, Shop Local, Community Plan and Innovation Working Party and any other evenings and weekend meetings as appropriate.
  • To ensure the maximum involvement and participation of members of the community in any initiative promoted or supported by the Council

Strategic Development

  • To keep up to date with relevant legislation, policy and best practice
  • To work within Barry Town Council’s policy, procedural and governance framework, working with the Chief Officer on the strategic development of its business
  • To assist the Chief Officer in developing the Town Council’s future strategy and business plan to be implemented within a performance management framework.
  • To build and maintain positive working relationships with local communities and organisations, including voluntary and statutory partners and sustain new and existing partnership arrangements as necessary to achieve the Town Council’s corporate goals
  • To proactively identify and secure funding and sponsorship opportunities which are within Barry Town Council’s programme of activity and in line with its ethos, values and strategic aims.
  • To help maximise income from partnerships, external funding and sponsorship as may be required.


  • To arrange for the preparation of press releases, newsletters and other publicity documentation as required by the Chief Officer and to respond to requests from the press and public obtaining permission from the Chief Officer or Leader as may be required.
  • To work with the Chief Officer to develop a Marketing and Communications Strategy which links to a Community Engagement Strategy, creating marketing campaigns as required and innovative ways of communicating key messages to stakeholders.
  • To be responsible for Council’s external communications and marketing campaigns and ensure the Council’s Marketing & Communications Strategy is adhered to fully.
  • To ensure that a Strategic Marketing Plan is implemented annually taking into consideration Council’s aims, objectives and strategic framework.
  • To inform and involve other organisations of work being planned and projects being formulated as appropriate
  • Where appropriate, to meet with members of the public and organisations to discuss community issues, answer questions and respond to complaints.


  • To attend civic events in an official capacity and to act as a representative of the Town Council at external events and meetings as required.
  • To project manage all Barry Town Council internal and external events.
  • To be responsible for the delivery of Barry Town Council’s Corporate Event Calendar and deliver these in line within budgetary constraints.
  • To lead and develop Barry Youth Council under direction of Council.

Health and Safety

  • To assist in ensuring that the Town Council’s statutory obligations for the effective management of health and safety are met and that the health and safety policy and supporting processes and procedures are reviewed at appropriate intervals.
  • To take care of your own health and safety and ensure through training and guidance that you are aware of your responsibilities in relation to your role.
  • To ensure that all Council Events are properly risk assessed and reviewed at appropriate intervals.

Project Management

  • To research projects for consideration by the Town Council as may be required, including feasibility, funding, and future management and resourcing and once approved to provide assistance in the management of projects as may be required.
  • To be responsible for the budgets that fall within your remit; for example Shop Local Barry Advisory Committee, Fairtrade Advisory Committee, Community Engagement, Barry Youth Council, Community Plan and Corporate Events.
  • Governance and Administration
  • To prepare, in consultation with the Chief Officer (Town Clerk) and designated members, agendas for meetings of the Town Council and its Committees and to attend such meetings and arrange for minutes incorporating action plans to be prepared via the Office Team Leader for approval by the relevant Chairs.
  • To carry out all designated responsibilities in accordance with the Town Council’s Corporate Plan.
  • To prepare reports for designated meetings of the Town Council and its Committees and to attend such meetings for the purpose of presenting reports.
  • To provide advice and guidance to the Shop Local Barry Advisory Committee, Innovation Working Party and Community Plan Working Party as Lead Officer.
  • In accordance with the instructions of the Chief Officer (Town Clerk), to deal with correspondence and documents on behalf of the Town Council and bring appropriate matters to the attention of the CO and / or Town Council.
  • To assist in the execution of the decisions of the Town Council in the manner deemed to be most effective and appropriate.
  • To assist in the monitoring of the implemented policies of the Town Council to ensure they are achieving the desired outcome and where appropriate to report to the Chief Officer (Town Clerk) on any proposed changes that may be considered necessary.
  • To meet with individual Councillors to answer their enquiries relating to relevant matters pertaining to the role.

People Management

  • To manage the employees under your direct supervision and nurture and develop the skills and effectiveness of each member of your team; specifically, to manage the Civic Engagement & Events Administrator and the Well-being Project Officer and provide support and guidance to them.
  • To ensure the efficient delivery of the Town Council’s business through your direct reports, and to ensure compliance at all times with statutory obligations.
  • To provide suitable training opportunities for staff under your supervision in accordance with an annual training plan approved by the Town Council.
  • To ensure that those staff are regularly supervised and appraised in accordance with the Town Council’s employee appraisal scheme.
  • To observe and apply all policies and procedures contained in the Employee Handbook.

Equality and Diversity

  • To support the Chief Officer in ensuring that the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 are reflected in all aspects of its work.
  • To work with the Town Council to ensure that the requirements of the Welsh Language Act are reflected in all aspects of service delivery and that when published, the standards to be produced by the Welsh Language Commissioner are fully implemented as appropriate.

Personal Development

  • To develop professionally by keeping up to date your knowledge, skills and networks to ensure the efficient management of the Town Council’s affairs.


    • To undertake other duties from time to time which are commensurate with the level and grading of the post.

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