Module Objectives:

At the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Understand how to use The Event Course portal
  • Be able to navigate your way around the website
  • Identify basic skills used by event managers
  • Have an overview of what constitutes a successful event
  • Recognise the importance of physical and emotional wellbeing at work
  • Know how to contact us if you have any questions

Our Diploma is the only up-to-date Course accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. It was created with insight from professionals who are currently in-industry working at the highest levels. We bring you expert knowledge, examples and give you a ‘deep dive’ into what it is like to operate in the industry from its current leaders, with a back-stage look at many different aspects of what being an event professional entails.

You will navigate the Course in chronological order, taking advantage of each of the different types of sessions. Each number relates to the main lecture you will be taking, and any letters after the number (a, b, or c) will denote which kind of session that follows.

For example:

4.1 is your main sales lecture which has the bulk of your learning in. All sessions with this number code will be related to the same topic.
4.1a is a bonus content session, which offers a different perspective on the topic.
4.1b is your seminar; which teaches you valuable real life knowledge and allows you to practice any associated specific skills.
4.1c is your assessment session, which will require you to complete a piece of work based on the topic of your session.

Not every topic has all a, b, and c sessions, so your learning structure will be varied throughout. You won’t be able to progress through to the next session until your assessment has been completed and uploaded. This is in addition to your end of module tests, which will test you on information shared in the corresponding module. You must pass this to continue, and you will be permitted to retake the test once.

If you have any questions, please contact your Course tutor. You may pick up the Course at any point without losing any progress.

You can also access the Student Hub area at any time, which contains the student community page where you can speak to, discuss the course, and begin to build your network with other students also enrolled on this course. We encourage you to start off the course by posting a short introduction to yourself on the page!

Please click the 1.1 Event Foundations title below to begin. Please note, throughout the Course you will need to watch each entire video to continue on to the next session. The option to Mark Session as Complete or to Progress to Next Session will automatically appear once the video has been watched in full.

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