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Module Learning Outcomes

This module will expose you to a few of the main disciplines involved in events, to allow you to consider where you feel you would best fit and best thrive. While the principles are transferrable across the sub-industries, there is nuance and clear differentiation between the way they function, so you should have an idea which route you are most interested in exploring.

  • Recognise how you should utilise what you have learnt in the previous modules, and understand how you can use your learnings and templates for specific events
  • Have an insight into various sub-industries and the event journey from initial planning to execution within them
  • Appreciate the importance of feedback across all aspects of your event – staff, event attendees, clients, suppliers, contractors etc
  • Understand the possible journeys that can be taken to enter each sub-sector
  • Recognise that whilst all events are different, the basis of creating and building events can be adapted to suit as required

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