Operations is arguably the most exciting part of the event industry, it is the time where you get to see a lot of your hard work pay off! It is also an extremely important and, at times, stressful part of the process. This is the time where unexpected incidents may happen, so your contingency planning and preparation needs to be really on-point. This module will show you how to manage the delivery portion of your operation.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Have a clear understanding of how operations management teams run event sites
  • Comprehend the scale of a site management team remit and what they contribute to an event
  • Understand the significance of event control and how vital it is to have a strong communications plan
  • Be able to recognise the importance of planning and preparing for negative outcomes and how to deal with them if they arise
  • Have a strong understanding of what managing and operating a live event is like, and what tools you can use to do so
  • Appreciate each of the steps that should be taken to effectively review an event
  • Know how different types of ticketing infrastructure can impact your event, from customer experience to accessibility

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