Module Learning Outcomes

An event of any size is a culmination of smaller decisions and actions, from how to distribute your budget, negotiating venue usage, contingency planning in your EMP and how much time to invest in your health and safety channels. Understanding these processes and each important milestone will guide you in best practice, and ensure your event has as few unexpected surprises as possible. 

  • Have a clear understanding of what an event management plan (EMP) is and what should be included in the document
  • Recognise why the planning process is so important to event production
  • Understand how project planning and budgeting can define event success
  • Be able to research, and negotiate with venue suppliers and other vendors
  • Produce a clear, detailed, and effective EMP
  • Understand critically important health and safety decisions and considerations and identify the differences in a safe and unsafe event site
  • Identify basic skills of talent liaison, booking, and management
  • Know how to work cross-agency to get the best possible outcomes

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