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Philosophy, Values & Mission


The Next Generation of Event Professionals

Event Crowd has been specifically created to focus on one mission: to develop; and foster tomorrow’s event industry leaders.

We work with exceptional professionals, organisations, charities, institutions and students with the aim of accelerating careers and nurturing talent to drive forward the future of the events industry. Our unique and extensive learning experience creates a pathway to a successful career for individuals with big ambitions and a true passion for events. 


Accessibility & Flexibility​

Suited to modern lifestyles, our course provides professionals with the opportunity to learn at their own pace, online. This is key to us as we believe everyone should have access to quality education at a convenience that considers their needs. 

Unlock Potential

We believe everyone can achieve greatness if given the tools, knowledge and skill set to become their best self. We optimise the knowledge shared, insight given, and practicality posed, so that each and every one of our students can excel.

Fast Track Careers​

Delivering a unique combination of practical and theoretical education, we can fast-track young professionals careers within the events industry. In addition, our black book of industry contacts is accessible when required to open doors.


Setting the Difference

We believe in delivering an education that is so much more than just a degree. 

Event Crowd has been built upon a network of integrity, honesty and good old-fashioned fun. Our values are ingrained into everything we do, we lead by example and set the bar high. 

We’re more than just an online course. We know each and every one of our students personally, we aim to seek out and unlock the greatness in everyone, and we strongly believe that our students can unlock their true potential when given the tools, knowledge and skill set, to become their best self. Ongoing support, unlimited communication and being truly immersed within the Event Crowd community plays a fundamental part in the development of our students. We’re here anytime, anyday and we’re committed to seeing our students grow.

We’re events professionals who want to inspire the next generation. We’re here to support tomorrow’s leaders and prepare them for their future in the events industry.

The events industry is the core reason why we do what we do. The innovation, passion and relentlessness shown over the past decades has inspired so many to exceed expectations, create top events and continue on the legacy that event professionals withhold. 

Connecting aspiring events talent with an under-resourced, yet, electrifying industry, bolsters and uplifts, to carve a thriving future for events. 

Our students mean the most to us. From your first engagement with Event Crowd, to when you receive your diploma, to becoming a part of our Alumni community, we’re here to support your career. 

Our network is your network. We go that extra mile. Our black book of contacts has been built up over decades and is on standby for whenever you need a door opened, or an introduction. We work with employers to enable students to go further. No request is too big or too small, if we can help, we will. 

We don’t use outdated text books or thesis’. Why? We believe that knowledge should come from industry professionals who live and breathe their profession and deal with real-world events day in and day out. Thats why we’ve bought together 40 industry leaders and tap into over 400+ years of experience combined. 

We’ve specifically built our course to immerse you in the industry. From procedures to industry must-knows and small, but essential terminology, we enable students to hit the ground running and cut through the crowd. 

Our lecturers have worked on the likes of the Olympics, Glastonbury and the London Marathon, to name a few – this isn’t their first rodeo – that’s why you can have utter confidence in the education you’re receiving. 

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Why We're Here

Once split into a multitude of separate sectors such as weddings and festivals, events have gained the acknowledgement they deserve by joining forces throughout the hardships of Covid-19, establishing the now globally recognised events industry. 

Today, this ever-growing industry contributes a staggering £84 billion to the UK economy alone.

Never has the events industry been as connected as it stands today.

Industry employers cannot wait 3-5 years for a young events professional to be at an employable standard, and students want a fast yet in-depth route into the events industry, without compromising on quality. With events requiring fluidity, and a deep operational understanding, the traditional career pathways are outdated and require modernising. 

The opportunities within the events industry are endless. The industry is set to grow beyond previous expectations and sees growth in new areas, specifically Augmented Reality, Sustainability and Wellness. The whole industry provides an overwhelming number of life-long careers for aspiring professionals. 

Over a million people are employed across the events industry in the UK alone, another 5,000 people are recruited into the events industry each month. 

We believe that there is no better time to be joining this exciting movement, as we see an increase in demand for passionate and reliable individuals ready to kick start their events careers.

Be a part of the growth. Become events ready with Event Crowd.

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