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Welcome to the Event Crowd.

The events industry is one of the most contradictory industry’s out there; it is a profession that has been around for centuries, but is still comparatively new in the forefront of modern-day society as a career. Only in the last century has it gained recognition as a standalone job, and only in the last few decades has it been acknowledged by the academic world, with education and qualifications for the industry cropping up in mainstream learning institutions. Since then, it has continued on a meteoric rise in attention as an attractive option for many fast-twitch individuals. But why has it taken us so long to find this uncut gem of a career? How has it gone from a few medieval era banquets to a never-ending stream of options in almost every city across the world?

Please note, throughout the Course you will need to watch each entire video to continue on to the next session. The option to Mark Session as Complete or to Progress to Next Session will automatically appear once the video has been watched in full.

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