1.3c Employability Assessment

These sessions should have shown you some of the best possible ways to find and apply for roles in the events industry. For the assessment you will be finding a real world vacancy that interests you, writing a cover letter and tweaking your CV in response to that vacancy. You should improve your CV using the advice and knowledge shared with you in the 1.3 and 1.3a sessions.

The minimum requirements for this assessment are as follows:

  • Find a real world vacancy currently accepting applications (this can be on any number of job boards such as; Indeed, LinkedIn, Reed, etc)
  • Save a copy of the job description (word or pdf)
  • Write your own cover letter in response to that job description, as if you were to apply for it
  • Adapt and improve your CV in response to that job description, as if you were to apply for it
  • You will then submit a copy of the job description, your cover letter, and your CV for review.

Your application will be reviewed in-house by our academic team and you will be supplied with a rating score on the quality of your application, with feedback and changes on how to improve your application for when you apply to real-world roles in the future. This score is for your professional development and will not go towards your final programme grade.

For this assessment and every assessment you upload on this course, please include your full name in the file name when you save it as well as the assessment name/topic. I.e: JOHN SMITH – EMPLOYABILITY

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