1.6 Assignments Reserve 3

For the next 5 modules of the course, you will be asked to produce coursework that will be based on a hypothetical event concept. This event will be a fictional event of your choosing, that you will have thought up based on your experience.

The event must be fictional and must not be too closely modelled on any real-world events. Taking inspiration from such is encouraged, but your event must have its own merits, objectives, ethos and personality that is not a carbon copy of an existing event. This is an excellent opportunity for you to think about your own wants and desires from the industry to create something you feel is currently lacking, not available, or to build or improve on a concept that already exists. You should think about the spaces you as an individual occupy; from culture, hobbies and sport to music, politics, lifestyle, third sector interests, and entertainment. You should draw from these for inspiration.

Your final assessment will also be graded using this fictional event as a cornerstone, so do ensure that you have put a lot of thought into this concept as it will be carried through to your final grades. More information on this when you reach that stage.

In the materials section above, you will find an event briefing document that will help you iron-out the finer details of your event. You should fill this in and upload it to the assignment tab. This will act as a plan/mission statement that outlines what we can expect to see from your upcoming work as you progress through this course. There is no immediate time limit so take some time to think it through and decide on what you really want to achieve. You will need to complete this task before progressing on to the next module of the course.

The materials section is where you will be able to find a whole host of documents and templates that are relevant to the learning that you’ll be doing in the course. They are in the materials tab of each module that they are used in.

Below is the Assignments Uploads tab, this is where you should upload your Event Outline Brief.

For this assessment and every assessment you upload on this course, please include your full name in the file name when you save it as well as the assessment name/topic. I.e: JOHN SMITH – EVENT OUTLINE BRIEF

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