2.5c Crisis Management Assessment Reserve

This assignment is designed to develop how you would react to low-level crisis scenarios. It is marked out of 65 points and divided into two sections each question has a single correct answer. You will submit this assignment by completing the test below, which test contains 3 sections:

Section 1: For this question you should match the given examples to the respective severity colour codes based on the guidance of your previous Crisis Management seminar.

Section 2: You will also look at a team structure breakdown and assign tasks based on the job title that you think is most relevant.

Section 3: You should then read through the three scenarios and explain what process you would take to safely escalate and report the issue.

It is marked out of 65 points. Section 1 and 2 answers are all worth one point each, section 3 answers will be worth up to 5 points per scenario.

Please note, for section 3 your answers will be awarded full points automatically so you can continue the course, but it will be reviewed and possibly adjusted after submission.

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