2.5c Planning Assessment

An EMP is often regarded as the event managers ‘bible’, as it details almost every aspect of how an event will be run. It’s important that they are accurate and detailed.

For this assessment, you should complete your EMP according to the EMP structure laid out in the previous seminar. The information needed for the first 7 sections will largely have been covered already, the rest will be touched upon in the remainder of the course, some supplementary research may be needed to further enhance your understanding.

You should format your document as per the layout in the seminar, in a standard font and size. If you feel there are additional topics relevant to your event that should be inserted into an EMP section, you should ensure it is entered into the most relevant and logical place to ensure flow of the document. The Seminar outline can be downloaded in .doc format from the materials tab above.

You will need to save this in a .doc or .pages or .pdf file.

Need help? Please refer to Session 2.3b for a detailed seminar on Event Management Plans
You will hand this in at the end of the course, along with your other assignments.

Event Management Plan Template


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