4.4c Project & Budget Management Assessment

In order to have as much control as possible over your event, you will need to make calculated financial decisions every step along the way. Any event manager who wants to keep their eye on the big picture while not being stuck in the details needs a smart financial plan, one that is both organised and scalable, with the whole project laid out from the beginning and space for adjustments to be made if needed.

For this session your task will be to create a budget sheet for a proposed event, based on your work from previous modules and the information you uncovered in your research task if you attempted it.

Your budget sheet should be comprehensive, clear to read and easy to understand, the numbers should be realistic, accurate, and all items must have been thought through thoroughly when building the budget.

You can format your budget however you see fit, choosing a layout and structure that best suits your event. You can use any programme to best facilitate this, e.g Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or a purpose-made online software.

Please upload below.

For this assessment and every assessment you upload on this course, please include your full name in the file name when you save it as well as the assessment name/topic. I.e: JOHN SMITH – EVENT BUDGET

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