1.3a CV & Interview Workshop

Ellie Gray is the People Operations Manager at Wembley Stadium, an experienced and proficient event professional who has worked across multiple sectors, but namely at The Jockey Club and Compass Group as their People Operations Manager. She has seen out some of the UK’s biggest racing events including the Gold Cup, Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, and plenty of non-racing events, including Wimbledon 2021.

With crossover into Event HR Coordination, Ellie is going to give you a dedicated CV workshop on what Event HR teams will look for when they see your application. There will be some overlap with Mike Frost’s session, however Mike comes at this topic with a recruiters thought process, whereas Ellie will be looking at it from a hiring managers perspective, so there are some contradictory opinions, which would come into play depending on what type of role/company you’re applying for.

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