2.0 Market Research Report Task

This task is optional, it will make up an additional award in your final project and is highly recommended for any student to complete. It is specifically recommended for those who are looking push themselves and get the most from this course, particularly if you are looking to run your own events in the future. However It will not negatively impact your overall score if you choose to skip it.

Market Research is a hugely important part of any event and business venture. Effective and concise research and data analysis is also a highly desirable and valuable skillset to have in any career path.

For this task, you will be pulling together a report demonstrating your ability to effectively research a number of areas that will contribute to your event success. You will be focusing on market research, along with your capacity to plan, execute and review that research and how it relates to your event. Please note, you will have to complete your own real-world primary research for this task.

You should ensure you consider the following areas:

  • The event itself
  • The market it operates in
  • Sales methods and distribution
  • Branding/advertising
  • Pricing
  • The business environment and company responsibility (also known as CSR)

You should complete this task using the process below in the specified order.
Each step/section is explained below: Please note, you should also format your overall report in this layout with these section headings.

  • Section 1: Problem definition
  • Section 2: Development of an approach
  • Section 3: Research design
  • Section 4: Data collection
  • Section 5: Data preparation and analysis
  • Section 6: Report presentations and presentation

More specific information is attached to the materials tab above.

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