4.1c Making Sales Assessment

Elevator Pitches

Elevator pitches are an integral skill for any aspiring event professional, it prioritises your information, helps identify revenue or supplier leads, attracts attention, spreads awareness of your event, and all around enhances your chances of succeeding at the outset of any venture.  For this assessment, you should use the outcomes of your research to solidify your final event concept, and then verbally pitch your event idea. You should include the following information:

  • Event concept outline, e,g tell us about your event, the concept or theme, what makes it unique, what makes people want to go to the event? What atmosphere will it create? What is the point of the event?
  • Proposed event details, e.g location, time, date, venue, capacity, ticket prices, VIP packages etc
  • Key features, e,g branding, sponsorship partners, activations, installations, any interesting facts or notes about the event, for example is it completely carbon neutral? If so how will you achieve that?

You can choose for the pitch to be aimed at one of two audiences: either to customers to sell general admission or VIP package tickets, or to gain investment from a commercial sponsor. You should tailor your pitch to suit one of these audiences, and think about which bits of information to focus on. For example, a corporate sponsor is going to want to hear more about the finances, capacity, activation opportunities, customer reach and target audience, where as a customer is going to want to hear more about the key features of the event and the experience it is going to offer.

The assessment format will involve you recording a video of yourself delivering your pitch directly to camera. This pitch should last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. It can be filmed on any static device that records with sound, so a mobile device, laptop, webcam, or standard video camera, but must be submitted in either a MP4, MPEG14, MOV, WMV, or AVI format. This assessment will be scored based on how fluent, confident, and convincing your delivery is, as well as how succinct, accurate and relevant the information is, and overall how well the pitch fits the brief of this assignment.  Please note the ‘production value’ of the recording itself and your surrounding location will not impact on your score, but please consider that the recording should have a good enough visual and audio quality for the assessor to hear and see you clearly.

See an example of an elevator pitch video below. If you have any questions please contact your course host. Note the video will only be seen by the assessor marking your work, it is not published anywhere or sent on to any third parties.

For this assessment and every assessment you upload on this course, please include your full name in the file name when you save it as well as the assessment name/topic. I.e: JOHN SMITH – SALES PITCH

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