4.5c Delivery Assessment

Run Sheets are a vital document, containing a whole host of important dates, timings, locations, personnel and contractor information. No matter the size or complexity of an event, it simply cannot run at maximum efficiency without one.

For this assessment, you will put together a forecasted run sheet for your planned event. You should include any arrangements needed prior to the event, during and after, including any clean-up/packing away or site break. All important information should be included, from task owner/point of contact, times, dates, locations, and supplier details.

Any formatting, colour coding and notes should be clear, concise and easy to understand. Whilst a hypothetical event, each stage should be realistic and relevant to your.

Need help? Please refer to Session 4.3b

You will hand this in at the end of the course, along with your other assignments.

Below are some materials you may find useful

Run Sheet Example

Empty Run Sheet Template

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