5.3 Event Control

Starting out in the finance world, Peter worked on designing and project-managing custom built software for his white-collar company. After realising his skills could be used to build custom software for markets that really needed it, he got involved with readiness tracking on large scale events and projects, culminating in the readiness project for the build up to the Olympics 2012, and working as a Park Operations Manager throughout the event itself.

He then went on to found his own event planning, logging and tracking software called WeTrack, which is used at some the worlds highest level events and companies; including Ascot, Wimbledon, the FIA, Ryder Cup, Dubai Expo 2020, Cricket World Cup 2019, World Urban Games, and the British Olympic Association.

Peter is going to talk through what Event Control is, and why it is so often a pivotal part of any event.

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