Submit Your Portfolio

Submitting Your Portfolio

Before you submit, please check that your portfolio includes the following: 

  • Event Management Plan
  • Gantt Chart
  • Run Sheet
  • Brand Guidelines

If you submit your portfolio without the above, your portfolio will be sent back to you to make amendments before it is sent to the external examiner.

Provided you have included all 4 documents, your portfolio is sent straight off to our external examiner to be marked and will be returned to you within 28 days (unless stated otherwise).

Please submit your portfolio as one document and include a contents page, appendices and page numbers. If you have any issues with this please contact student services.

Submissions are marked anonymously. Please ensure your documents do not include your name. Please save your documents with your event title. I.e: Festival Event – FINAL PROJECT ASSESSMENT.

The below button will take you to email

This email is monitored by both Student Services and our external examiner.

Please do not click ‘module complete’ until you have submitted your portfolio

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