Scenario: Business Event

You work on the team responsible for business events. You have been asked by TechWell, a software company, to help them with a business event which will be to plan and deliver their annual conference. 

TechWell is a company that uses technology to keep children safe online within school settings. TechWell is also a company that cares about the environment and has introduced tree planting for schools that sign up to their platform. For every product sold, TechWell will plant 20 trees either at the school itself or in the school’s local community. The company’s headquarters is in Scotland but 85% of the business works remotely – employees are scattered up and down the country. The purpose of the conference is to provide company updates, embed the tree planting strategy and encourage staff to network. The company has enjoyed a successful trajectory over the years and the founders are keen to show their gratitude to staff in the form of a gala dinner for 175 attendees. The conference will consist of an arrival day with business sessions, the gala dinner, overnight, further business sessions and departures. 

TechWell’s marketing manager would like you to write-up a solution to incorporate the above elements.   

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