Level 5 Event Management

Our most advanced course, the Level 5 Event Management Diploma. The only non-university course recognised by the Institute of Event Managers.

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Map, design and plan your event in one easy-to-use system. As part of our partnership with OnePlan, all of our Level 5 Event Management Students receive a free subscription to their industry-leading software for the duration of their studies - worth £690.


What's Included?

We give you the thinking and tools to become an industry-ready event manager. Learn from the best and access modern, career-defining training covering all key event management disciplines.

CIM, CMI & IEM Recognised Diploma

To give you an education employers trust.

Online & Self-Paced Learning

To fit the course in around your own schedule.

Industry Validated Curriculum

Giving you the most up to date events knowledge.

Dedicated Course Tutor

We're here to help you achieve your goals.

Exclusive Work Opportunities

To help you find your dream role.

12 Month Access & Unlimited Replays

To give you more than enough time to complete it.

Downloadable Resource Library

Industry-standard templates for your career.

Entry to Alumni Network

So you can build relationships with future industry leaders.

Modules & Content

Event Fundamentals

This module gives you an overview of the modern events industry and encourages you to reflect. If you are new to the industry, this module will be valuable moving forwards when it comes to finding work and understanding the industry.

Module Sessions

Event Foundations

Industry Overview

Professional Wellbeing


CV & Interview Workshop

Social & Political Impact of Events

Diversity in Events

Planning & Safety

This module will guide you in best practice for planning and safety, ensuring your event has as few unexpected surprises as possible. 

Module Sessions

Event Safety

Multi-Agency Planning 



Incident Response Planning

Crisis Response

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing can be the make-or-break of an event’s success. This module will give you the knowledge you need to generate a loyal customer-base.

Module Sessions

Making Sales

Event Websites

Digital Visibility

SEO & Keywords

Media & PR

Press Releases

Content Marketing

Event Delivery

This module will cover the delivery of your event. It’s the moment when all the elements come together to create a memorable experience for attendees.

Module Sessions

Event Ticketing

Commercial & Stakeholders

Venues & Suppliers

Projects & Budgets


Creating Experiences


This module will cover the operational aspects of Event Management. It suits creative problem solvers and those with strong people skills, as you will be constantly finding the best solution to whatever decision is ahead of you.

Module Sessions

Operations & Site Management

Managing Live Events

Event Control

Crisis Management

Radio Etiquette


This module will expose you to a few of the main disciplines involved in events, to allow you to consider where you feel you would best fit and best thrive.

Module Sessions

Corporate Events


Hybrid Events

Mass Participation Events

Weddings & Private Parties


Charity & Third Sector

Level 4 Assessment

The Level 4 Assessment consists of a number of scenario-based tasks designed to test your ability as an Event Manager. The assessment is placed at the end of the course, and will be open-book, so we’d strongly encourage you to take as many notes as you can.

The Level 4 Assessment contributes 30% towards your overall Level 5 grade.

Level 4 Learning Outcomes: 

LO1: Illustrate a good understanding of key concepts, processes and practices pertaining to event management within key subject areas event foundations, planning, marketing, delivering, operations. 

LO2: Demonstrate an understanding of the planning of events through safety considerations along with the roles and responsibilities of those involved. 

LO3: Demonstrate an awareness of why an event is taking place, an understanding of a target audience and relevant routes to building and marketing an event profile. 

LO4: Apply problem solving skills in relation to onsite challenges.

LO5: Demonstrate a clear form of communication with an ability to convey a response that incorporates accurate spelling and grammar. 

Event Management Plans

An Event Management Plan (EMP) serves as an indispensable guide for event managers, often referred to as their ‘Bible’. Understanding the intricacies and components of an EMP is crucial for any event professional.

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the purpose and structure of an Event Management Plan (EMP), including the essential elements it should encompass.
  • Develop the skills necessary to create a clear, concise and thorough proposed EMP tailored to the specific requirements of an event.
  • Learn the best practices for organising and presenting information within the EMP to ensure its effectiveness in guiding event execution and management.

Event Design

Event design plays a pivotal role in the overall success of an event, serving as a platform for creativity and innovation. In this module, you will delve into the fundamentals of event design, including the creation of brand guidelines and the development of a comprehensive site plan using an industry standard software, One Plan.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Grasp the significance of effective branding and the role of brand guidelines in shaping the identity and messaging of your event.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to access and utilise OnePlan, a leading industry software, to craft detailed site plans tailored to your events venue.
  • Master the process of creating, customising and exporting site plans, enabling you to efficiently communicate event layouts and logistics to stakeholders and collaborators.

Project Management

Project management tools are vital in the planning and execution of successful events, serving as foundational tools applicable not only to the event planning, but also to various business endeavors.

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Gain proficiency in interpreting, creating and utilising Gantt Charts, essential for visualising project timelines and dependencies.
  • Appreciate the significance to Gantt charts as indispensable tools for effective project planning and management, facilitating coordination and resource allocation.
  • Develop competence in interpreting, creating, and employing run sheets, critical documents outlining event schedules and tasks.
  • Recognise the importance of run sheets in ensuring smooth event execution, providing clear instructions and timelines for event staff and stakeholders alike. 

Level 5 Assessment

The Level 5 Industry Portfolio aims to gauge your ability to effectively produce high-quality, professional documents that acknowledge real-world challenges and offer feasible solutions.

Your portfolio contributes 70% towards your overall grade, whilst the other 30% comes from your Level 4 Assessment.

You will be marked on the following criteria:

  • Depth of knowledge and understanding of the events industry.
  • Organisation, communication and presentation of ideas and information. 
  • Event concept and the alignment of this to the event.
  • Originality, individuality and flair in event ideas and branding.
  • Appeal to stakeholders and consideration of social, political, cultural, and religious contexts.
  • Feasibility of event concept and realistic execution within the given time frame and location.
  • High-quality, accurate professional documents (correct spelling, grammar, formatting, page numbers, contents page and appendices, whilst ensuring documents are detailed, relevant, industry-aware and involves problem-solving).
  • Continuity between documents and fits to brief.

Course Recognition

The Institute of Event Managers (Recognised)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (Recognised)

The Chartered Management Institute (Recognised)

Continuing Professional Development (Certified)

Student Support

Once you’ve completed the Level 4 Event Management Diploma, you’ll be inducted into our Alumni Network.

Dedicated Course Tutor

When you enrol, you’ll be given a dedicated Course Tutor, on hand to help you through the course. Each student is able to book unlimited tutor calls for the duration of your studies.

Downloadable Resources

Through the Student Hub, you’ll have access to a library of industry-standard documents and templates. These can be downloaded and used for your future career.

Career Hub

To help you get started, or reach the next level in your events career, we have a specially crafted Career Hub, available to you upon enrolment.

CV Clinic

Having a strong CV is essential when applying for events roles. You’ll be able to send in your CV for review, and we’ll suggest improvements to boost your employability.

Work Opportunities

Looking for work experience while you study? You’ll be able to sign up with our staffing partners and get temporary work on various events up and down the country.

Jobs Board

Our curated jobs board is a one-stop-shop for a variety of different full time roles within the industry. We update this regularly, and it often features roles exclusively for Event Crowd Students.


Once you’ve completed the Level 5 Event Management Diploma, you’ll be inducted into our Alumni Network.

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Level 5 Event Management Diploma

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