Most In Demand Jobs in Event Management

The Most In-Demand Jobs in Event Management

Getting qualified in Event Management opens many doors into different career prospects. You’re not limited to just one job type as the skills you learn in events management are completely transferable. Attention to detail, great organisational skills, good communication and plenty of enthusiasm is more than enough to get you by in your choice of career. Now that the events industry is in full recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more opportunities than ever to explore. 

So when looking for a job in the events industry, broaden your search. You could end up missing out on some great jobs that are perfect for your skills and ambitions. This article introduces some of the top jobs within the industry which we believe you should always consider when job hunting.

1. Event Planner

Not to be confused with an event manager, event planners are essentially the rung below the manager. Planners do much of the concept building and organising the event before it goes ahead. They are responsible for delivering the client’s expectations while sticking to their budget. The job involves a lot of organisation and a good head for numbers as you’ll be working hard to keep things profitable for the client. You’ll be tasked with finding venues and suppliers, acting as the mediatory for the client. 

Getting into event planning means starting at the bottom, but it’s the very best way to get into the industry as you’ll learn on the job. Yet even at the low-level entry, you’ll still need experience. When looking to start a career as an event planner, the first thing you should be doing is gaining relevant experience – even if you’re volunteering at community events. All your experience adds up. 

2. Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a huge industry that is never going to run out of demand. It’s an attractive niche of event planning that attracts a lot of interest. The task of a wedding planner is to take all the stress and legwork that goes into organising such a special day off the shoulders of the couple. It involves really getting to know your clients and understanding their expectations down to the letter. You’re making memories, not just planning a special event. You’ll need to know the industry inside and out as the client is relying on your expertise to make their big day as special as it can be. That’s why we’ve designed a course to help aspiring wedding planners gain industry-specific knowledge from wedding experts. Find out how you become a certified Wedding Planner here

3. Marketing Manager

To get by in the events industry, you need a good understanding of marketing to get seen and heard. It’s all part of the gig when planning an event as you’ll need numbers to fill seats if you aim to work in entertainment or sports. Marketing covers a huge scope and jobs in the industry are incredibly competitive. Getting experience in marketing can be a challenge, but starting at a low-level assistant position gives you the opportunity to learn through working. Gathering experience along the way as you forward your career is by far the most reliable and rewarding way to achieve your career goal. Marketing also gives you an in for other branching off roles such as content creators, copywriters and brand managers. 

4. Catering Services Manager

Have a passion for the kitchen? Combine both your understanding of events and management with the food industry. Catering managers oversee everything that happens in the kitchen and the restaurant with the primary goal of ensuring all customers are happy and being served. You will need experience in food preparation going into this field along with management skills. The best way to get experience is to start at the bottom and work your way up while also going on courses to build up your organisation and planning skills. 

Catering Service Manager

5. Social Media

Got a keen eye for trends across all social media platforms? Your understanding of how to promote your events online will make you a valued cog in the events management machine. Social media coordinators produce content for events to increase exposure and interest. You’ll be in charge of what gets posted to increase ticket sales while also keeping up engagement during the event itself. The role includes creating hashtags for attendees to use, coming up with ad concepts and delivering your ideas to a wider audience. 

6. Venue Manager

Dedicate your focus to a single event space as a venue manager. Most venue managers cover all aspects of the event planning, including marketing and social media. Venue management is much like events management, only on a smaller scale as you focus just on the running of the venue. You’ll find yourself liaising with other events teams as they come on board to use your venue for their conferences or shows. Your task is to keep things running smoothly while making sure your venue promises to be a fantastic location for the events that you host. 

Get started on the ladder to success with events

If you’ve got your CV brushed up and your portfolio bursting with relevant experience, now’s the time to start getting your foot in the door. Before you embark on your career and search for jobs, make sure that your CV is as attractive to employers as possible. Going on courses to gain qualifications in the area will always be valuable, not just because you’ll be equipped with the skills you need for the job, but it will help you compete against other potential recruits. 

You don’t have to study at University to gain a relevant qualification in Events Management. We have you covered. Our online Events Management Diploma is run by over 40 professionals in the industry. It’s fully certified by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development), recognised by CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and CMI (Chartered Management Institute). Joining the course opens you up to a huge offering of jobs and career prospects. For a fraction of the cost of an Undergraduate degree, our course gives you the flexibility to fit your studies around your work life. Get qualified and get noticed today. 

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