Navigating the Trends: Future-proofing Your Event Management Career

Navigating the Trends: Future-proofing Your Event Management Career

The events industry continues to develop and fluctuate as we enter a new way of hosting events in 2024. Hybrid and virtual events continue to boom in popularity as people embrace the remote way of attending events and courses. Flexible around work and life, virtual events provide access to those who would ordinarily struggle to get out and attend events in person. Promoting accessibility and encouraging better interaction during events delivers an overall better experience. 

Being a successful events planner requires a constant understanding of new trends. You need to know what works best for a success event while also seeking out the initiative for new ideas that will improve the experience. Researching new tech, getting the proof that it really works, and getting some real world experience yourself all are key to planning the best events. 

What are the 5 key event planning trends to know about in 2024?

Whether you’re a freelancing event planner with your own business or part of an event management team, you’re going to need to know the trends of the industry in order to launch the most successful events. Here are the key trends you need to be aware of that are going to feature the most heavily in 2024.

1. Understanding the value of online events

Virtual Events

    Even with in-person events re-establishing themselves on the other side of the pandemic, virtual events are still here to stay. Adaptable for those where taking time from work to travel to an event and conference isn’t feasible, virtual events for networking and bringing together businesses are ever popular. While it’s obvious that attending concerts, art performances, and music festivals in person can’t be replaced, virtual gigs are still great for giving an accessible option. 

    There are many platforms available for hosting virtual events whether they are conferences, webinars or streamed live events. It’s important to pick the best platform for the event and to do plenty of foolproofing ahead of time so that you can iron out any potential technical difficulties ahead of time. Virtual events are fantastic opportunities to promote and broaden the reach of your business as people can attend from anywhere in the world. 

    2. The use of AI and machine learning

    With AI technology more accessible for businesses to make use of at events, it’s an opportunity to fully embrace. Chatbots and virtual assistants are very useful for attendees and also for interested parties to gather information on the event without overloading your service teams. AI algorithms also assist with gathering information ahead of planning for market research, helping you to prepare with reliable data based on trends and attendee behaviours. Instead of thinking of AI as a substitute for human interaction, consider it as a useful marketing tool that saves you time and improves your event experience as a result. 

    3. Sustainability

    As an event planner, sustainability has to be at the forefront of the mind. It’s not just about becoming economical with produce and providing environmentally friendly entertainment, but about being to prove your reduced carbon activities. In January 2024, the EU requires businesses to make it clear what emissions they produce. The UK will likely follow so getting into the habit of prioritising sustainability when planning events will be key this year and beyond. 

    What does this mean for event planners? This means that for any event, big or small, there needs to be considerations for waste, energy conservation, pollution and conscious sourcing. 

    4. Find a mentor to introduce you to the ropes

    Find a Mentor

    As with many industries, events management is just as much to do with who you know than it is with what you know. Acquainting yourself with industry experts, whether through networking or through a course, gives you access to valuable firsthand experience. You may encounter some road bumps and need advice on how to succeed in your chosen path in the events industry. Your previous tutors and lecturers are there for this reason. Never be afraid to ask questions.

    5. Create a professional website

    One of the best ways to host your portfolio is on a website. This takes a step towards making things more official and gives you the freedom to start up as a freelancer for small events. Your website becomes the quintessential tool for marketing yourself. You can encapsulate your brand and produce content to get yourself noticed on the scene. On top of your portfolio, you can include client testimonials to really sell yourself as a proficient events planner. It always looks impressive to have a website on your CV and you can link all your socials through the site.

    6. Start looking for jobs early and work your way up

    Even if you haven’t got a vast amount of experience in event management and planning, you should still look for a job in the industry. Low-pay entry level jobs are good places to start when building up your experience. Starting as an assistant not only gives you the chance to learn on the job, you’ll also make important professional connections. Working in an events agency or as an event planner assistant in a business also opens you up to professional opportunities as some companies may include certified training as part of your contract. If your eventual goal is to strike out on your own with your own business, you can still work on your business model in your free time. As they say, the best time to look for a job is while in a job!

    Learn about the events industry from leading experts

    Deciding on a career path can happen anywhere down the line. Wherever you are in your professional career, you can easily make the transition to the events industry with the number of opportunities available. There are many different career options to take with a vast number of different businesses hiring for event managers and planners. But before you start job searching, it’s worth spending the time to learn the industry first. 

    Our UK leading Events Management Diploma is recognised by two different chartered institutes. Taught by over 40 different industry experts, our 100% online course is a top choice for professionals looking to get qualified. 

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