Our Commitment to Excellence: Gaining Recognition from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

At Event Crowd, we’re excited to share some fantastic news that underscores our dedication to to being the UK’s leading events training provider. We’re proud to announce that we have received recognition from the esteemed Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This achievement is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality training and empowering aspiring event professionals to excel in their careers.

Empowering Event Professionals: The Value of CMI Recognition

CMI is renowned for its promotion of the highest management and leadership standards, and it is the only organisation that grants Chartered Manager status—a mark of expertise and professionalism in the field. Being recognised by such a prestigious institution validates the quality and effectiveness of our courses.

Competitive Advantage: Event Crowd Graduates and the 58% Higher Chance

Research consistently shows that graduates from CMI-recognised programs hold a distinct advantage in the competitive job market. By attaining this qualification, Event Crowd graduates enjoy a remarkable 58% higher likelihood of securing Event Manager-level positions immediately. This statistic highlights the invaluable skills and knowledge gained through CMI-recognised programs, equipping individuals with the tools needed to thrive in their chosen field.

Dual Recognition: Setting Event Crowd Apart

What sets Event Crowd apart is that we are the only online events course recognised by both CMI and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). This dual recognition further demonstrates our commitment to comprehensive and industry-aligned education.

Lifelong Learning and Professional Growth: CPD Certification

Additionally, Event Crowd proudly holds certification from the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, showcasing our dedication to lifelong learning and continuous professional growth.

Driving Positive Change: CMI Qualifications and Conscious Leadership

CMI qualifications are designed in collaboration with employers to provide learners with essential tools, support, and guidance to tackle professional challenges. By earning a CMI-recognised qualification through Event Crowd, our students gain a competitive edge, enhancing their employability and productivity. These qualifications serve as stepping stones toward becoming conscious leaders who can drive positive change in the events industry.

Celebrating Milestones: Event Crowd’s Recognition by CMI, CIM, and CPD Certified

We’re thrilled to celebrate our milestone achievement of receiving recognition from the prestigious Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This recognition solidifies Event Crowd’s position as a leading online events course and reinforces our commitment to excellence in events education.

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