Student Success Story: Mastering Event Management Whilst Working Full-Time

Meet Bradley Fletcher

At Event Crowd, we are dedicated to nurturing the talents of our students and alumni, guiding them to excel in the dynamic events industry.

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Bradley Fletcher, who began his career in hospitality and eventually played a pivotal role in organising significant events for New Zealand Young Farmers, gaining national media attention.

“I work for New Zealand Young Farmers. We are a not-for-profit charity organisation and we are here to connect these rural communities and teach them skills. We organise with sponsors to get experts and universities to do talks through our competitions.

Embarking on a Career in Event Management

Bradley’s venture into the events sector started with hospitality roles at various venues, eventually leading to managing large-scale weddings and corporate events in the UK.

Realising that traditional university education was not his preferred path, Bradley explored online alternatives to swiftly acquire essential skills for a flourishing career in event management.

“Spending a lot of money, getting yourself into a lot of debt and ending up with something that is not that useful, I didn’t want that.”

His search led him to the Event Crowd Course, standing out for its flexibility, rich learning experiences, and exceptional value.

One of the things that really cemented it is that it’s taught by events experts. Being able to do it in my own time, while working full time was also a big pro.”

Apprenticeships and diplomas are so much more useful because once you have the actual experience, that’s what companies are looking for. You can do this course alongside doing something else, even if it’s in hospitality, working in an events space is so good.

Securing a Role in the Industry

After completing his Event Management Diploma, Bradley quickly secured a position in New Zealand, beating 8 other candidates and impressing his employer with his ability to juggle work and study effectively.

”One of the things my employer found impressive was that I was working full time alongside completing my diploma. My boss was really impressed with the Gantt Chart I made as part of my final assignment.”

The skills learned in the Event Management Diploma have directly supported Bradley in his new job role, showcasing a practical application of the knowledge gained in the Event Management Diploma.

There are moments where actually I refer back to my final assignment on the course, my Event Management Plan, and use it as a basis for our events.”

The financing options are great. Being able to take things at your own pace, rewind back if you miss something, take regular breaks without asking and the ability to do quick revisions by speeding up the video make this course so accessible to those with other commitments.”

The UK’s Leading Events Course

If you are ready to unlock your potential and embark on an exciting career in events, join us at Event Crowd today. Let us empower you to turn your passion into a successful profession, just like Bradley.

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