Student Success Story: From Event Crowd to Wembley

Meet Dominic Sharman

At Event Crowd, we take great pride in following the journeys of our students and alumni as they make their mark in the events industry. Last week, we caught up with Dominic Sharman, who has swiftly risen from an event enthusiast to an Assistant Project Manager at Shack Events, just two weeks after graduation from Event Crowd. Dominic’s dedication, passion, and the skills acquired through our Event Management Diploma have propelled him into a career filled with exciting opportunities.

Dominic was able to work at Lord’s Cricket Ground this summer

“In my role, I’ve done countless football games at Fulham, Wembley, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, all those stadiums, I’ve done a few concerts, including Sam Fender at St James’ Park, Blur just this weekend, and Arctic Monkeys over at The Emirates. I did loads over the summer including test match cricket and T20. I’ve always been a cricket fan, so that was incredible.”

Starting the Journey

Dominic’s journey into the events industry began with a curiosity about the behind-the-scenes workings of festivals.

“Over the summer last year, I went to festivals and I loved it. I was curious as to how they operate as a business and if it’s a viable career path. Like, how do you get into it?”

That’s when Event Crowd appeared in his search results, offering a comprehensive and flexible course that aligned perfectly with his goals. Dominic was impressed by the value and convenience offered, allowing him to study at his own pace while working in a pub.

“I looked online to see what I could do to set myself up for a role in events, and Event Crowd popped up straight away. I had a little look around at alternatives, but I didn’t see anywhere that offered the same level of quality.”

Taking the Course

The Event Management Diploma proved to be a game-changer for Dominic. The course not only provided in-depth knowledge about event planning and management but also equipped him with valuable skills in sales, marketing, and business understanding. The flexibility of the course allowed him to balance his work commitments while gaining essential tools for his future career.

“You get so many opportunities out of it, and it’s just so informative, not only in events, but it also teaches a lot on sales, marketing, understanding business, creating websites and so much more. It just gives you the key knowledge and tools to use for the future.”

Breaking into the Industry

After completing the course, Dominic wasted no time in landing a position at Shack Events. Through our dedicated student support team, he was connected with the opportunity that perfectly matched his skills and aspirations.

“Somebody from the Student Support team emailed me saying that a company were looking for an Event Crowd student for a role. I did two interviews, then I was offered the job! It’s nice to sort of see the progression, and how quickly it can come once you finish the course.”

Dominic currently works as an Assistant Project Manager at Shack Events

Dominic’s journey from course completion to securing a role at Shack Events took just two weeks, demonstrating the rapid career progression that can be achieved in the events industry. With the right education, dedication, and opportunities, one can quickly transition from an event enthusiast to a thriving Events Professional. Dominic’s journey highlights the value of our Event Management Diploma and the support we provide in connecting our students with industry partners.

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