Top 8 Tech Trends Transforming the Events Industry

Top 8 Tech Trends Transforming the Events Industry

Event technology covers a broad spectrum – not just your cutting edge VR headsets and sophisticated live streaming set-ups. It covers management software, mobile apps, digital resources and online event experiences. It’s a lot to keep track of and technology never stays still, constantly advancing as we encounter new innovations such as the application of AI and the popular demand of hybrid events. 

Every event planner and manager needs to be clued up on the advances of event technology or otherwise be left in the dust. This article touches on the top tech trends that you’ll definitely need to consider when planning an interactive experience for your audience and attendants.

What are the event technology trends of 2024?

Before planning your events, you’ll want to know exactly what technology is available to enhance the experience. We have laid out the top 8 tech trends to look out for in 2024.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enhances the event experience through overlaying digital content over real-world events, whether a talk at a conference, a live music performance, or a product demonstration. The applications of AR are broad, using projectors, VR headsets, and interactive screens for smaller scale consumption. More and more event organisers are investing in AR technology to provide engaging experiences for their audiences and customers. 

Truly, the best way to trial AR technology is by searching for events near you that incorporate virtual elements into their live experiences. Gaming events in particular embrace the blend of digital and physical, giving audiences the opportunity to participate in interactive activities. Live music events also now commonly embrace the AR trend with large acts investing in cutting-edge virtual technology – just take a look at the virtual ABBA tour that sold out in 2023. Innovations in virtual technology continuously enhance the AR experience. 

AI Chatbots

AI has received somewhat of a mixed reception, however AI chatbots have a lot of potential in the events industry to help bolster your event experience. AI chatbots can be handy tools to give attendees and guests on hand information, delivering answers to their questions immediately. Especially useful for virtual events where the audience is on a very large and broad scale, AI chatbots are a must-have feature in your live feed. 

Chat bots can also be very useful for your digital marketing when promoting your event. Having one sent up on your website will deliver useful information for interested parties on advice with bookings, directions, and who best to contact if they have any further questions. What’s more is that this feature is live 24/7. 

Event Management Software

Probably the least exciting trend as far as the attendees are concerned but extremely beneficial for event planners and managers. Seamless integration with event management software makes life so much easier when managing a team of planners at your organisation. There are lots of different apps and tools online that teams can use to organise their events. You’ll also find tools that can help you design your events, allowing you to create floor plans, budget reports, and mock-ups of your event including set design and stage layouts. 

Hybrid event technology

Virtual events saved the event industry during COVID-19. On the other side of the pandemic, virtual experiences are here to stay. Streaming and recording software make events accessible to a wider audience. Hybrid events allow organisers to deliver both a live experience and online, making the most of live streaming software and technology. Companies truly miss out on global outreach by not embracing all the benefits that hybrid events can offer. 

Wearable Tech

It’s not just a fun gimmick. Investing in wearable tech for your attendants improves their overall experience. With more and more advances in how wearable tech can enhance interactivity, there are many possibilities for wearable tech and are worth considering if you want your audience to participate and engage. Digital wearable bands can turn your audience into part of the light show. VR headsets can transport your attendants into the digital world, interacting with products in a different way. Giving your audience something tangible to take away with them will keep you and your brand in their mind long after the event.

Mobile Event Apps

Gamification is a new trend for events and made more possible through mobile event apps. Increase audience participation by linking up to their devices. Include quizzes, AMAs, surveys and chats through your choice of mobile app. Mobile Apps are also essential for virtual events, giving a platform for your online attendants to get involved and keep the conversation alive during the event. 

Social media integration

While social media has a huge role to play when promoting your event, it also features heavily while the event is taking place. Instagram Live offers fantastic features for artists and their fans to interact with live events – casual and on a large scale. Using event hashtags, participants can share their experiences and grow your online awareness for you. 

Sustainability through technology

With the focus on eco-friendly practices never being stronger, sustainability truly matters when it comes to event technology. Event planners can swap out using printed resources to opt for online marketing materials. Cutting back on waste is a big step towards making events greener and reducing their carbon footprint. Being conscious about renewable energy sources when selecting venues reduces the impact of the event itself. Even hosting a virtual event is an environmentally conscious decision as there’s no travel involved.

Learn more about technology within the events industry

Keep yourself informed of technological advances in the events industry. If you’re looking to start a career in event management, you can learn all about the application of technology and how it can deliver the best event experience. Your best gateway to this knowledge is through training. At Event Crowd, we have the UK’s most popular online course which gives you all the insights you need to get started. If you’re interested in expanding your understanding of the industry, take a look at our brochure. If you have any questions about our courses, you can speak us on 01202 545633.

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